Desmond Makwa



Look: Male, Indiginous, Dark Clothing

Demeanor: Ominous


Born in Chicago, Desmond is a pure blooded descendant of the Potawatomi tribe. The power and knowledge of his heritage have been passed down to him from his parents and theirs before them. As such, he is an expert on native american artifacts of power, countless examples of which are strewn about his Sanctum (LINK).

Unlike his parents, Desmond was not content to simply study and pass on his heritage. He saw the raw power his people were capable of wielding and became infatuated with it. Since he was small Desmond practiced and studied everything he could get his hands on which could grant him more of that power, pushing away anyone who was inconvenient to that goal. Now an adult, Desmond has few functioning adult relationships outside of his assistant, Wong Yu. Age has done little to blunt Desmond’s desire for more power, and occasional demonic attacks on his Sanctum have only given a paranoid edge to his cravings.


  • Tracking
  • Elementalism
  • Veil

Simple house in the East Village
Crappy car
Decent cell phone
Mystical Focus (DETAIL?!) (+1 hold)
Sword (3-harm hand messy)

Desmond Makwa

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