Jo Walker



Look: Ambiguous, Mediterranean, Gothic Clothing

Demeanor: Confused


Born and raised in Chicago, Jo attended the Booth School of Business and became an account executive at JPMorgan Chase, where she tended to the needs of many extremely wealthy clients. One of these clients, Russian consulting group EDI International, was represented state side by Svetlana Aliyev.

Svetlana and Jo made fast friends, often going to meals, shows, and other cultural events together. Before too long, Svetlana asked Jo for favors. Friendly favors at first, just a little information on what JPMorgan was investing in. Svetlana offered to split any profits she made with Jo. It wasn’t enough money to jeopardize her job, so Jo wasn’t sure why she did it other than that she liked Svetlana and didn’t want the awkwardness of saying no to her.

Unfortunately, what was small favors soon turned into asking for really critical information on other clients, and Jo continued to provide it. She couldn’t sleep from the stress of what she’d done, especially given how incredibly ethical her partner Theo was. She decided enough was enough, that she’d turn herself into the FBI and do the right thing. She reported everything she’d done to Marro Rizzo at the Chicago FBI field office, and was told to return home while he started an official investigation.

In reality, both Svetlana and Rizzo answered to the same shadowy organization: The Chort Syndicate, a Russian criminal outfit that burst onto the Chicago scene in just the past few months. Rizzo informed his bosses, but Svetlana intervened before an assassination order could go out. She was given an opportunity to extend Jo an offer of employment, bring her into the fold officially if she’d drop any involvement with the FBI and give the syndicate all the access it wanted to her company’s information. Jo had already made up her mind about participating though, and refused.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Jo and Theo packed up their apartment that night and prepared to leave the city first thing in the morning. After kissing one another to sleep one last time, they awoke tied up in the back of a van driven by a masked goon and Pavel Novikov. In deathly silence, the pair drove the crying couple to Burnham Harbor, tied them in thick nautical rope to an anchor, and tossed them into the water to drown.

Seeing the raw injustice of someone turning from temptation and dying for it, betrayed by a close friend and the law, the daemon Zass’dutha’vlecero reached out and plucked Jo’s soul from the ether before it could pass on, shoving it back inside her and freeing her from her bondage. The now near death Jo floated to the surface where she was found by Quora Bayer, who in her confusion she confessed everything to. Quora is one of the only living people to know Jo’s full story, and Jo’s only real ‘friend’ left on this earth.

In the weeks following her death Jo took on an entirely new look, dressing in all black as a form of mourning for Theo, and wearing a piece of the rope they’d been tied up with as a belt to remind her of the injustice she’d suffered. She currently lives with Malakai Shibata, an Oracle who pulled her off the street claiming to have seen her save their life and offered her accommodations in exchange for protection.


Magnum Revolver (3-harm loud reload)
A piece of the nautical rope used to tie her up and drown her, used as a belt

Her Caul:

Pavel Novikov
Svetlana Aliyev
Marro Rizzo?

Jo Walker

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