Lawrence Robinson

Priest, Knights Templar


Typically in the traditional garb of a Catholic priest, Lawrence dons his Templar colors when performing services for the Knights.


An orphan born on Chicago’s south side, Lawrence has had visions since childhood. Always violent, and always coming to pass just as he’d seen them. When he was a teenager Lawrence met a Catholic priest that believed him when he told of his visions, and even went so far as to help Lawrence interpret a particularly lucid vision about a man committing several murders. It turned out that the subject of the vision was a prominent gang member, and not a hard man to track down. They snagged him off the street, binding him and taking him to the church basement where Lawrence watched aghast as the priest performed an exorcism. Revealing the gang member’s true demonic form, he saw holy energy channeled into it until it was not but a patch of dust on the table.

From that moment Lawrence knew his path. He learned Catholicism from this man, including the rites needed to exorcise demons and other evil with the holy power of Christ. When his mentor died of old age, Lawrence took up his charge at the small urban church. Unfortunately, his mentor had not been particularly financially adept and has several months behind on a second mortgage he’d taken on the property. Lawrence was forced to close shop and turn to street preaching, where he spread word of his demonic visions to anyone who would listen. Most thought he was crazy, Marco didn’t. Lawrence is now the historian and Oracle of the Knights Templar, and one of the only members at least as versed in Templar tradition and lore as Marco himself.

Lawrence Robinson

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