Marco Abadeli

Hallowed, Leader of the Knights Templar


Look: Male, Italian, Simple Clothing

Demeanor: Clerical


Marco Abadeli was born and raised in Chicago by first-generation Italian immigrants. His parents were devour Catholics and pushed the traditions and teachings of the faith on Marco from birth. He grew to resent them, and the faith, for their outdated way of thinking and their reliance on tradition.

Marco grew to practice his own ad-hoc version of Catholicism outside of the church, in private. During particularly long nights of prayer and studying for a technical degree, Marco would be visited by Isidore of Seville. The saint imparted onto Marco knowledge of the workings of the Knights of the Templar, urging the young man to renew the order to fight evil in the modern era.

Still doubtful of the value of traditions, even those of the Templar, Marco did little to act on these visions until a fateful trip to Italy in his early 20s. During this trip, Marco decided to search out ancient areas of Templar power hinted at by Isidore, wanting to further explore the ideas the visions had given him. A few well place bribes and favors to the right people, and Marco was able to locate a crypt hidden deep in the Italian wilderness outside of Rome. In his usual brazen manner, Marco gave little traditional respect to the dead and searched the crypt thoroughly, eventually finding a hidden enclave.

Brandishing his torch to burn away the cobwebs of hundreds of years, Marco entered the hidden room to find a single skeleton wearing the garb of an ancient Templar Knight collapsed in a simple chair, a scroll clutched in it’s hand. In the center of the room lay a pedestal, upon which stood a simple cup near a shallow basin still filled with crisp, clean water. Wanting more information, Marco clutched for the scroll but underestimated the ravages of time upon such a thing, causing it to collapse into dust. He could only assume the obvious: he had stumbled upon the resting place of the Holy Grail of Antioch. Filling the cup and drinking from it felt like pouring the strength of God himself down his throat. This was enough to prove to Marco that Isidore was right, there was power in the Templar and he could wield it!

Marco returned to Chicago confident that his purpose in life was indeed to fight evil as the leader of the Knights Templar. Though he cared little for the traditions and rituals of the Templar, Marco knew these things carried value for those that wished to serve a faith. In order to ensure the devotion of any recruits, he re-instituted the Knights Templar just as his visions had asked him to. Over the next several years, he gained a righteous following of 15 Chicagoan Knights. Together they worked to eradicate the evils of demons and vampires from the city wherever they could, operating as a scattered group of individuals dedicated to one cause, organized primarily over the internet to deny their enemies a single place to easily attack them.

Marco has not aged a day since sipping from the grail, though he knows not how long this effect will last without drinking from it’s holy source again. He has not yet attempted to create a new source of holy water to drink from, nor has he told any of his faithful of the grail. It is stored on his person at all times.


A spartan apartment in the East Village
The Holy Grail of Antioch

The Templar Faith:

  • Life is precious and unique; kill none of God’s children
  • God is god above all; give no fealty except to God


2-harm medium group scattered devout 0-armor

A long standing religious institution, the knights templar. They meet anywhere they can find space and practice rituals that are genuine and improvised

The flock embodies the fury and righteousness of their faith, and has important connections throughout the city, even within supernatural communities (take +1 ongoing to hit the streets with Power when using the flock’s connections

Marco Abadeli

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