Martina De Luca

Templar Knight


Martina’s father had been a member of the Hutaree militia in Michigan, before the group was disbanded by an FBI investigation. Having seen firsthand the undoing that the militant Christian group suffered due to what Martina saw as an infatuation with violent revolt, she decided to follow her militant Christian upbringing in a different direction: defeating evil in the world and making it a better place.

A roving vigilante that dispatched drug dealers and other scum through her teens, Martina eventually found her way to Chicago where she was a natural and immediate fit with Marco’s reformed Knights Templar. Finding out about the evil and supernatural beings lurking just beneath the surface of her world allowed her to focus her skills on the singular goal of purging them from the world.

Possessing enough weapons to arm a dozen soldiers and a panel van to store them all, Martina has served as the Knight’s quartermaster and general. She has spent hours at various gun ranges teaching other Templar how to use weapons, and has brought the group to drills in rural wooded areas to practice squad tactics. While an invaluable member of the order, Martina’s militant upbringing has brought her right to the edge of the Templar code to not kill god’s creatures when she’s come up against particularly heinous mortals. Marco has made sure to organize hunts for Vampires and Demons on occasion to allow her to blow off steam.

Martina De Luca

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