Nala Harris



Nala is a superstar politician recently elected as Alderman. Seemingly exploding onto the political scene overnight, Nala won her first election by a landslide as a relative unknown. She didn’t display any particular campaign acumen, leading to speculation of cheating on her part. However, no evidence has ever surfaced to corroborate these rumors.

In reality, Nala was given a powerful artifact, a ring that gave her the power of persuasion over anyone she touched. Few in the city could recognize such an object, but Desmond was able to determine it’s ancient Patowami origin from pictures and confronted the Alderman about it after a speech. Being the type to keep everyone around her happy and quiet whenever possible, Nala struck up a mutually beneficial relationship with Desmond.

Nala is the sister of Leroy Harris.

Nala Harris

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