Robin Clark



Look: Male, Caucasian, Dirty Clothing

Demeanor: Excitable


Robin grew up in the neighborhood around The Paddy Field, losing his parents at a young age to a mugging gone wrong while he was home alone. He was taken in by Ronald “Big Red” O’Sullivan shortly thereafter and raised in The Paddy Field pub. Surrounded during his impressionable years by gangsters and thugs, it was unsurprising that Robin would grow to become one himself.

An unofficial member of Big Red’s mob, Robin does jobs for the group regularly to earn his keep. Recently he was assigned to guard Conrad O’Sullivan, Big Red’s accountant, after rumors came to Red that a rival criminal outfit was after the O’Sullivans. Things went south when the inevitable attack came. Robin flew into a wolven rage, normally his greatest asset, but in the violence lost control and ended up killing anyone and anything near him, Conrad included. Luckily for him, Big Red has a soft spot for the kid a mile wide, and hasn’t punished him for it except to make it clear that Robin is deeply in his debt for fucking up so badly.

Since the incident with Conrad, Mormons have descended on the neighborhood. In private, they preach about renouncing the primal and evil wolf forms many of the neighborhood’s residents take each full moon, offering them the ability to suppress the transformation entirely. Many have been converted by these Elders, even once-proud wolves who the O’Sullivan gang knew would never renounce their wolf forms. This has triggered a new paranoia in Big Red, and he has closed ranks. Robin and all of the other important wolves in Big Red’s organization now live in the accommodations above The Paddy Field, vowing to protect one another against whatever powers of persuasion these interlopers may be practicing.

The Transformation:

Robin grows to ten feet tall when he transforms, a being of pure muscle-bound rage

+ You transform every night, not just the full moon
+ When battling groups, you fight like a small group

- Sometimes loses control while transformed
- When he transforms, must keep his cool or declare a hunt

The Paddy Field:

Crime, Supported, Hunting Ground, Encroachment, Haunted

  • Widely accepted as the neighborhood’s protector
  • Territory includes grounds for roaming and hunting
  • Someone more powerful wants the territory and is working to get it
  • The territory is plagued by a mystical or supernatural presence


Switchblade (2-harm hand concealable)
Baseball bat (2-harm hand)

Robin Clark

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