Malakai Shibata



Masculine-leaning but androgenous in appearance, Malakai is an attractive, gender-fluid individual with short-cropped black hair and a lithe frame.


Malakai is an Oracle, having visions since they were 12 and foresaw the death of their parents by drive-by shooting, an event which came to pass precisely as Malakai saw it while walking home from their 16th birthday dinner.

Recently, Malakai foresaw their own death, or what was nearly their death. The vision was hazy, but they knew their life was being saved by a dark-clad avatar of undeath wearing a thick rope for a belt. A week later, Malakai met Jo. Convinced Jo was the person who would save them from certain death and seeing as Jo was homeless beyond death, Malakai offered to take him in and house him in exchange for the protection they knew would eventually be needed.

Malakai lives in Red’s territory, and for a few months has leaned on Robin for a heads up whenever trouble was brewing in the neighborhood. They were paranoid after seeing their own death, and decided they would do whatever it took to prevent it. Even if that meant using a street tough werewolf and recently undead revenant for protection.

Malakai Shibata

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