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  • The Chort Syndicate

    [[File:845612 | class=media-item-align-center | Runic_letter_dagaz.png]] The mysterious crime syndicate behind EDI International, Jo suspects this shady outfit to ultimately be behind her death. Notable NPCs: [[:svetlana-aliyev | Svetlana Aliyev …

  • Zass’dutha’vlecero

    Zass’dutha’vlecero, or 'Zass' to Jo and other humans incapable of pronouncing it's true name, saw in Jo the potential for a pure and furious vengeance against the well armed and violent. It drives Jo towards what it sees as their bloody destiny.

  • Emma Dawson

    Met Marco Abadeli when he saved her from a small pack of feral werewolves, Emma has maintained a constant (if a bit... strange) relationship with Marco. She regularly seeks him out for advice related to her 'charity work'. Somehow she always manages to …

  • Ichiro

    Wong and Desmond were tipped off to Ichiro's presence by Anorak Vasquez and successfully held off his advances on Desmond's Sanctum. His intent was unknown, though it is likely he was after one of the many Native American artifacts in Desmond's stores.

  • The Mormons

    The Mormons showed up near The Paddy Field neighborhood a few weeks ago, preaching the book of Mormon outwardly. Once in the homes of the neighborhood werewolves though, things got strange. Once proud and strong wolves were agreeing to let these …

  • Fahim Ahmed

    This drug-peddling Fae is said to deal in more than simple dope, for those that know the right questions to ask. Fahim is familiar enough with Chicago’s Gods, though he isn’t always on all of their good sides. In fact, Fahim often finds himself on the run …

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