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The Second City – Moves

City That Works: Reward someone who put sweat into effort
Clout: Call in chits and debts against an upstart
Community Organizing: Close ranks against an outsider
Futures Market: Let someone dig in before revealing their inevitable failure
No Little Plans: Show something big or impossible functioning despite obstacles
Fair Work for Fair Wages: Delay a city service at the behest of a powerful union

The Protagonists

Marco Abadeli
Jo Walker
Desmond Makwa
Robin Clark

The Supporting Cast


Captain Luisa Herrera
Quora Bayer
Marro Rizzo
Svetlana Aliyev
Pavel Novikov
Nala Harris
Leroy Harris
Alex Stewart
Jaoquin Anderson
Aran Patel

Templar Knights

Bernard Reed
Martina De Luca
Lawrence Robinson (Power)


Theo Berger
Morgan Flores
Ronald “Big Red” O’Sullivan
Conrad O’Sullivan
Makenzie O’Brien


Malakai Shibata
Wong Yu
Anorak Kantor
Lawrence Robinson


Emma Dawson
Fahim Ahmed
The Mormons

The Second City – Organizations, Locations, and Goings-On

The Paddy Field
The TARP Project
The Chort Syndicate
The Scholomancers
Desmond’s Sanctum
The Knights Templar

Main Page

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